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About your
personal data

If you are reading this, it means that you are a responsible user who takes care of your personal data.


By using the Website you accept our Policy. We may revise it at any time by updating the Website.

This policy covers how Puerto Maya treats personal information that Puerto Maya collects and receives, including information related to your past use of Puerto Maya products and services. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable such as your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Puerto Maya does not own or control or to people that Puerto Maya does not manage or employ. This policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically.

Why does Puerto Maya collect information?

Puerto Maya’s primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide you, the user, with a customized experience on our site. This includes customized activities to meet your travel plans, budget, and other preferences, interactive communications, and other types of services, which are completely free to you. By knowing a little about you, Puerto Maya is able to deliver more relevant advertisements. In this process, the advertiser never has access to your individual information, only Puerto Maya has access to this information.

Who is collecting the information?

When you use, Puerto Maya site and are asked for personal information, you are sharing that information with Puerto Maya alone, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. If data is being collected and/or maintained by any company other than Puerto Maya you will be notified prior to the time of the data collection or transfer. If you do not want your data to be shared, you may choose not to allow the transfer by not using that particular service. Please be aware that Puerto Maya advertisers or websites that have links on our site may collect personally identifiable information about you. This privacy statement does not cover the information collection practices of those websites.

Personal information

Puerto Maya will only obtain personal information from you when necessary and when you choose to provide it, such as if you enter sweepstakes, contests, or promotions; when you register; or when you sign up for email specials; when you request information about various products and services we offer; or when you make travel arrangements using our website; or if you contact Puerto Maya using our website. If you contact Puerto Maya, we may keep a record of that correspondence. Wherever Puerto Maya collects personal information we make an effort to include a link to this Privacy Policy on that page.

Personal information that we may request from you in order to provide you with our product could include your name, phone number, email address, credit card number, credit card expiration date, and the amount that is being charged or paid. This personal information is collected when you voluntarily complete the online booking form that requests this information. The information you provide may be used to provide you with a product, collect payment for our product, and/or allow you access to our online services.

Email communications

Puerto Maya may, from time to time, send you email messages regarding our product specials and services, only if you have opted-in to receive such messages. Once you have opted-in to receive emails from us, you may choose to opt out of email communications at any time by updating your account. Regardless of your communication preferences, even if you have opted out of email marketing messages, Puerto Maya retains the right to send you a transaction-specific email confirmation when you have booked a vacation on our website.


Puerto Maya has implemented technology and systems that protect the information you provide. In those instances when you are asked to submit private information such as a credit card number, you can be assured that we have security measures in place to protect this information. We protect your information with state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer SSL Technology. This technology provides the advanced encryption tools necessary to protect information transmitted between your computer and our server. Encryption means that your information is converted into code before it is dispatched over the Internet.

Use of cookies

In order to help us provide you with a more personalized experience, we may send a cookie to your browser. The cookie is a small text file that resides on your hard drive. Most web browsers allow you to exercise control of cookie files on your computer by erasing them, blocking them, or notifying you when such a file is stored. If you choose to block cookies, you will not be able to use certain features of our website. Consult your web browser documentation for instructions on how to control this function.

Legal statement

Policy and guidelines for the use of marks in advertising, promotion, and display of Puerto Maya and its affiliates have the exclusive rights to use the Puerto Maya service mark and other Puerto Maya marks and logos. Under the trademark laws, the Puerto Maya companies must prevent the use of their names and marks in ways that could give customers and potential customers the mistaken impression that a Puerto Maya company owns or is affiliated with an agency using its marks. Puerto Maya (and trademark law) allow the “fair use” of Puerto Maya marks and logos by agencies, in a truthful, informational way in accordance with the rules provided here. Please adhere to the following specific rules when using Puerto Maya names and marks in promotions on Internet web sites and in print advertisements.

General rules

All uses of the Puerto Maya name or any Puerto Maya mark must relate solely to Puerto Maya tours and not to the agencies selling them. Agencies that sell Puerto Maya tours may not refer to themselves in any context as “Puerto Maya travel agents” or to their businesses as “official Puerto Maya travel agencies.”

Travel agencies may only use signage, window displays, or point-of-purchase items employing the Puerto Maya name or any Puerto Maya mark (a) as provided by Puerto Maya, or (b) as approved in writing by Puerto Maya.

No one may copy any content appearing in any Puerto Maya website, brochure, or advertising without express written permission from Puerto Maya.

Puerto Maya marks should be used with the ® symbol, and the use should be accompanied by a legend appearing at the bottom of the page where the mark is registered; for example, Puerto Maya is a registered trademark.

Internet websites

No one may use the name Puerto Maya or any Puerto Maya mark (or anything confusingly similar) as part of an Internet domain name.

No agency may display the Puerto Maya mark by itself on a website without prior written approval.

Travel agencies may use a Puerto Maya mark on a website in the following ways: a. A Puerto Maya mark may be used as part of a statement such as “We sell Puerto Maya tours” so long as all of the words in the sentence are of a similar size. b. A Puerto Maya mark may be used in conjunction with links, schedules, product descriptions, or order forms, expressly referring to the sale of Puerto Maya travel products by the agency. c. In any case, where the Puerto Maya name or mark is used, the name of the travel agency must appear on the same screen, above the Puerto Maya name or mark, and in a size at least 125% of the size of the Puerto Maya name or mark used.

Print advertising

No Puerto Maya marks may appear in Yellow Pages advertising.

As discussed above, truthful, informational statements are permitted in promotional materials and advertisements, such as, “We sell Puerto Maya tours.” In any case, where the Puerto Maya name or mark is used, the name of the travel agency must appear in close proximity, above the Puerto Maya name or mark, and in a size at least 125% of the size of the Puerto Maya name or mark used.

Marks must not be used as an agency identifier; i.e., a Puerto Maya mark may not appear by itself or at the top of a page in an advertisement.

How to contact us

Please send your inquiry to:


US: +1 833 592 1490

MX: +52 559 225 2694

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