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First Mayan Market in the Hotel Zone in Cancun; with a prime location just in front of the only arqueological remains in the city. We keep culture alive through original designs, handcraft, fashion and much more.

Mayan Design

It is remarkable that Mayans created so many objects from jade (jadeite), a very thick and dense material, including many items of clothing (for royalty), such as belt plates, earrings, and masks.


Mayan textiles in art includes delicate fabrics such as wraps, curtains and awnings in palaces, and clothing. Coloring techniques may have included “ikat” a hole tradition for the region. The most elaborate costume was the formal vestment of the king, as represented in the royal stelae, with numerous elements with symbolic significance.


Tequila Tasting

Tequila is made from the fermentation and distillation of the juice extracted from the agave, the so-called "Blue Agave". Come and taste the best tequilas that our country has. Enjoy the exquisite and unique flavor of the authentic Mexican maguey.

Jewerly & Handcraft

High quality jewelry that seeks to promote the Mayan culture through original designs, as well as its elaboration that has been carried out by Mexican artisan hands.


Collect your best moments

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