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Mayan Ceremony: The mystical roots
Mayan Ceremony: The mystical roots
Mayan Ceremony: The mystical roots
Mayan Ceremony: The mystical roots
Mayan Ceremony: The mystical roots

Experience a mystical Mayan ceremony in Cancun

Discover the authentic traditions of the amazing Mayan ceremony and experience its mysticism and magic


We invite you to be part of a unique Mayan ceremony that will take you back in time, and showcase the true essence of this marvelous culture.

It’s the beginning of your unforgettable adventure at Puerto Maya Cancun, which you will cherish for a lifetime.

This activity is a spiritual experience that will connect you to the true essence of Mayan mysticism.


Immerse yourself in the ritual of copal, and prehispanic dances and be transported to a different era, and learn about the profound reverence of the Mayan culture for nature. 

The Mayan ceremony will take you to a very special place, where you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and the beauty of the Nichupte Lagoon.

About our Mayan ceremony

Our Mayan ceremony is a fascinating experience, steeped in mystical tradition, and at Puerto Maya Cancun we’re proud to showcase this ancient wisdom.

Witness the use of different elements like fire, water, air, and earth, as they represent different aspects of the universe that are sacred for the Mayans. This ceremony is a way to celebrate, and honor the connection between our modern life and our roots, a connection that remains relevant to this day.


The Mayan ceremony is the perfect way to start your day before you head off on a speed boat and snorkeling Cancun adventure. 

This unique prelude will set your spirit free, and connect you to the energy of this wonderful culture. 

Immerse yourself in the ritual of copal, a resin that’s traditionally burned as an offering to the gods, and prehispanic dances that honor the spirits of the ancestors. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience something unique and magical. 

Join us at Puerto Maya Cancun and be part of an adventure that you’ll never forget.